Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekly Roundup & To-Do list - Week of Feb. 19

Everyone is well in my house! So much nicer than the bunch of sickos from the previous two weeks. So - full steam ahead people! A lot of posts aren't written yet, but stuff is actually getting completed which is huge!

What got done
1. Get rid of old medicine
2. Clean under the bed
3. Go through 2 storage shelves (sort of - I went through some boxes instead)
5. Laundry. Close to being done & put away!
6. The Fridge - started, but not completed. Should be done by mid-week with a post!

Additional Items not on last week's list:
1. Returned some items to stores
2.  Sent back my coach purse for repair
3. Put out a box of give-aways for Volunteers of America to pick up today
4. Organized the shelf above the front-entryway coat closet.
5. Began sorting clothes for future give-aways
6. New duvet for my bedroom (more on this later)

What didn't get done:
 1. The donation station.
2. Declutter Candles
3. Finish the fridge

Some notes on the donation station - I know it has taken me a while to tackle this, but I am planning on having something permanent / pretty to encourage use. I don't have a huge front entry area, so this can't be easily tucked away.

Next week's list:

1. Clear off dresser tops in master bedroom
2. Clear off dresser tops in Kids bedrooms
3. Start office area*

*Office area - yikes. My mother-in-law is coming to visit in 2 weeks, and we do not have a guest bedroom anymore. We have to whip the office into shape so that we have a somewhat private area for her to sleep. Nothing like a deadline to get you moving!

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