Saturday, February 25, 2012

Meal Planning/Grocery List Challenge

This week's challenge at the Organized Home Challenge is to work on healthy meal planning and creating a grocery list.  On the blog, she has a link to a printable weekly dinner menu and shopping list for some sample's great!  She also has a super printable grocery list that looks like it would make meal planning and shopping much easier! 

I really like for planning and creating my shopping list.  There are TONS of quick & easy meal ideas on that site.  You can search for whatever you are in the mood for, then save the recipes to your recipe box, and add ingredients to your shopping list.  I have the shopping list app on my iPhone, so all I have to do is sync the list with the app on my phone, and I'm good to go at the grocery store!  I love it!  You can also create other lists on the app, so if there are specific things I need to get at specific places (Costco, for example), then I can create a list just for that. 

What are your meal planning and shopping list ideas?  I'd love to hear what everyone else finds helpful and useful! :)

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