Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekly Roundup & To-Do list - Week of Feb. 12

We are finally getting over being sick, but now both kiddos have a barking cough. Is there anything worse than an infant with a cough? So, once again, not much got done. But lets review what we did get done:

What got done

1. Organized the Junk Drawer
2. Keep only good sharp knives
3. Go through one kitchen drawer - clean & organize
4.  Go through plastic wrap drawer

hahaha - another week of not completing the list. go figure.

What didn't get done:
 1. The donation station.
2. Declutter Candles
3. Clean under bed
4. Get rid of old medicine (1/2 done - its a start!)
5. Tackle the clean laundry pile
6. Go through 2 storage shelves

New Items:
1. Empty and clean fridge.

I'm making that the ONLY item this week for two reasons: 1) Its time to catch up on all those carry-over items, and 2) its a BIG item. really. 

Inspirational Links:

Fridge - Example 1
Fridge - Example 2
Fridge - Example 3
Savvy Ways to Store Food (Am I the only one who thinks of Johny Depp when I hear someone say "Savvy"?)
Fridge Diagram

Other Items of Note from this week:
Free Financial Tools for Kids
4 tips for family computing
Modify a Cabinet Drawer to hide a printer
Gift Wrap Organization

Is anyone else tackling the fridge this week?


  1. Thanks for the link! Some great ideas here.

  2. I appreciate the link out! Thank you!