Monday, February 27, 2012

To-do List: Week of February 26

Wow. Its almost spring folks! (In my mind, March is spring, even though it isn't "officially" spring until the 21st). We have only broken out the snow blowers once. All year. This is such a crazy winter!

I know updates have been slow, but we are picking up and getting back to a normal pace around here.

Oh, and remember this post about the light bulb warranty? GE sent me a coupon for $8 off a new light bulb! So organizing really does pay!

What got done
1. All caught up on Laundry!!! (This may just top the list every week)
2. Clear off the dresser tops in master bedroom
3. "embraced the ugly" via a new duvet cover
4. De-cluttered candles, and put some in my give-away box.
5. made a valiant effort with the office - I didn't get a before picture (you don't want to see it anyway, trust me) but we should be ready for next weekend.

What didn't get done:
1. The donation station.
2. Clear off dresser tops in Kids bedrooms

To-do List for next week:
1. Dresser tops in Kid's bedrooms
2. Clear desk in office
3. Clear / clean "filing" area in kitchen

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  1. I have yet to clear off the dresser and nightstand (so four tops total) tops of my master bedroom. Where do I put it all? Why do we even have that junk? Good luck, can't wait to see before and after pics. maybe it will inspire me.