Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekly Roundup and To-Do list - January 30th

Last Week's overview - What got done?

1. Christmas Decorations are packed up and put in storage. Finally!
2. Master Bathroom - under cabinet area & drawers completed!
3. New Media Shelf and temporary cable management for the TV area
4. New TV area in the play-room (more on that later)

What didn't get done:

1. The donation station. again. I have ideas in my head, but have not managed to complete them yet. Currently I am just keeping a cardboard box by the front door as a "donation" box, and when whatever Charity it is that comes by and picks stuff up is going through my neighborhood, I put it on the porch. I do have plans though. They just aren't completely formulated or executed.

2. Laundry. The bane of my existence. It is all washed, but i have piles and piles of clean laundry waiting to be put away and folded.

New to-do items for the week:

1. Toss junk in junk-drawer and organize
2. Clean under bed
3. Get rid of old medicine
4. Pull together all paperwork to complete your taxes
5. Tackle the clean laundry pile

Carry-over from last week:
1. The donation station

Inspirational Links

Junk Drawer Organizing

Link party with TONS of Junk Drawer examples
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Other items of note this week:
"Pack This" list - comprehensive packing list for trips

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