Monday, January 23, 2012

Week of January 28th - To-do list & Insperation

First - a look at last week:

What got done:
  • Go through spices & combine duplicates / throw away old spices - can you believe I have 4 paprikas? And they are all different brands so I know they were bought at different times! I haven't finished the full organization on this, but I was able to get rid of about 5 containers by combining duplicates.

What didn't get done:
  • The donation station. I'm beginning to formulate how exactly I want to do this. But its still on my to-do list. So I guess it will carry over to next week.
  • Put away Christmas decorations. Yikes. they are are 90% put away, but I haven't tackled the sun-room yet. This will hopefully be done by next week.
  • Declutter nightstand drawer.

New to-do items for the week:

  • Toss old skin care items
  • Get rid of hair items you never wear
  • To through master bathroom drawers / under sink area

Inspirational Links for the above projects:

Donation Station Links:

Bathroom Organization

Additional Inspirational Links from this week:

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