Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Organized Kitchen Pantry

Our kitchen pantry is pretty much a black hole.  The shelves are quite deep, which I thought was a good thing, but things get lost.  It's very easy to just shove it all in there and push the doors shut, which is what we ususally do.  However, last Friday when I tried to "put away" pantry items, I found the doors wouldn't shut.  SO, I figured it was time to do some organization. 

I first took everything out and dumped anything that has been in there too long...which filled half a large black garbage bag.  Gross.  I then organized as I put things away.  Cans (found 10 cans of tuna!), oils, sauces, jars, and packets of rice on the top shelf.  Chips, pretzels, boxes of mixes, spice packets, and extra ketchup and dressings on the second shelf.  Pastas and cereals on the third shelf, along with cookbooks.  Large pots, more cereal, and extra paper products on the bottom.  I realized two things by doing this.  1...We have a LOT of food we can use to make dinner.  I need to use those things up.  2...Having a large pantry isn't so bad if you keep it neat.  I'm sure with three kids and a husband on the go it won't stay organized for long, but having an idea of what's in there is super helpful.  Now, what to do with those 10 cans of tuna?!  :)     

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  1. I just organized my pantry too!


    and here:

    and I still have one area to go - the spices