Saturday, December 31, 2011

Birthday Cards - 2012

I come from a big family. Being chronically disorganized, I wanted to come up with a system that worked for the 11 nieces & nephews that I have so that I could remember to send them a card on their birthday, since I live far enough away that I might not see them close to their birthday. I came up with this system last year, and it worked great, so here is a rundown of how it works for me.

1. total up nieces and nephews - I gained 2 more this past year!
2. Purchase a card for each one (I like the 99 cent Target cards - they are cute, cheap, and they have lots of designs)
3. Write a short message in each card
4. Include any "extras" - we put in $1 for each year they have been alive, and usually some stickers for the younger kids.

5. Write their birthday in the upper corner, where the stamp will cover it when its mailed

6. put them in order of when they need to be sent out - and put them in a clipboard.

Now - I have all their birthdays on my calendar - so remembering them was never the problem. It was remembering them at the same time as I was in the store to buy a card, and having the other necessary items. This way, I have everything ready to go, and when I remember or see that their birthday is w/in the next week I immediately go grab the card, put a stamp on it, and drop it in the mail.

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  1. OOH! I love that! I always have tons of cards around, but I never get around to sending that at the right time. Great idea!